Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Life's Second Chances

In the beginning, I was born. That much is a given for all of us. But there were too many dogs already on that farm, and none of the neighbours wanted another pup. The humans brought us into a big town, and started looking around for new homes for us. I'm a working dog, and city people wanted a pup that looked fluffy and cute, and that would wait quietly at home all day - no trouble, and no effort. I was the sort of dog that needed attention. Discipline. Training. My kind of breed had a bad reputation in town. Week after week we all waited, and finally the man who'd brought us to town started knocking the pups in my litter on the head with a shovel.

A lady came to the gate, asking about the puppies. She wanted a female, but there were none left. They'd been killed. She had a kind voice. I tottered over and sat on her foot, and put my small paw up on her knee.

"Excuse me," I said quietly. "They're killing dogs here." I sat steadfastly on her foot, willing her to bend down and take me. My whole body was intent on that one purpose. My ears locked onto her voice and I waited. Hopefully. Purposefully. I quivered with the energy that was running through me. I felt so alive. This was it. The big moment. The bit in your life when time slows down, and you hear the doors opening or closing on your future.

She bent down and ruffled my ears. She scooped me up and I could hear her heart beating as fast as mine.

"He's not really what I was looking for, but maybe I'll take him anyway."

She looked in my eyes and I realised I'd been given a second chance. And I knew I had to make this life count. Life is not a dress rehearsal - it's the real thing, with more twists and turns than a country mile.

So, from that day I've made it my business to understand people, and to help them where I can. That's why I'm here. So I can help you too!

Learning: Never give up hope. Believe in miracles. Focus on a specific positive outcome as though your life depends upon it - because maybe it does. See that outcome as though it has already happened. And when you get that outcome, give thanks, be grateful and give back!


YouDeserve said...

Funny thing Charlie - I was driving behind a car today which had a bumper sticker that read: "Dear Lord - please make me the kind of man my dog thinks I am!"
You dogs always see the best in people - a trait we humans could do well to adopt.
Thanks for your woofs of wisdom


Thanks for your kindness YouDeserve! We dogs do see the best in people - we just wish you could see it in yourselves. Big licks and hugs, Charlie

KimB said...

Right on Charlie! Have you ever noticed that second chances usually happen on the scenic route - you know when we aren't barrelling down life's freeway in a tearing hurry to get where we're going - but when we've been waylaid by something that seems like a problem or an inconvenience at first. Robert Frost called it The Road Less Travelled. The people who seem to have the most adventures never take the highway.


That's exactly so KimB. Dogs prefer the scenic route - you have to have time to really see and sniff out what's around you. Thanks for dropping by,
Charlie xx