Friday, August 1, 2008

Taking Advantage of Opportunities!

We dogs have a great way of making decisions.

  • Does it work for us?
  • Will it feel/taste good?
  • Is it calling our name?
  • Will we feel fear or pain?

Let me run you through them. They might work for you.

Does it work for us? I usually ask myself a few quick questions or do a couple of speedy image visualisations of me having/doing the thing here. EG: Will I be more comfortable on the lounge? Can I get outside to lie in the sun right now? Is it better playing with Bert's stick AND my ball while Bert has none? (Bert is the little new dog - I have to show him who is boss - therefore all of these actions that assert my superiority are noble!) Will I get caught - or should I just worry about the consequences later.

Will it feel/taste good? Once again my imagination is at work (and often my mouth is salivating already) What will it feel like lying in the sun? What do those biscuits left lying on the coffee table taste like? What will it be like if Dad gives me a big pat and love-up if I interrupt him while he's at the computer?

Is it calling our name? When the Universe is guiding you it can speak in a whisper, a song, or even a shout. I can here that food packet rustling in the kitchen from upstairs here in the office! Did someone pick up the car keys? Humans, pay attention! Opportunities are everywhere.

Will I feel fear or pain? If it's only a little bit of pain or fear I can work with that. Sometimes, through experience I KNOW that the pain outweighs the pleasure. It's just not worth the pain if I eat the family's defrosting meat off the sideboard, especially if it's the Christmas Roast... Pain can be a great teacher! And dogs are not great fans of fear. Give us a comfy couch any day.

BUT pain can easily be overridden by love. Fear can be overridden by trust, love and rewards. If I'm scared and my human Dad is with me and he encourages me, then I'll keep going. If I'm learning something hard or a bit scarey (like when I first started climbing stairs) then praise, food and big pats teamed with an encouraging voice will get me there. If someone threatens my family, my home or even my brother Bert I forget the fear or possible pain, because I'm here to protect what I love.

Learning: There are opportunities everywhere! Visualising what you want helps you know if you really do want it. And listen to the Universe. It really is guiding you. It's good to be decisive or you might loose the opportunity - IE if I don't get on the couch pretty quick Bert will! Pain and Fear need to be understood because most times you can work through them, and the rewards will be worth it.

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